• Wahine is the Hawaiian word for Woman and wicked means this perfume is a little wilder than your average fragrance.
  • Wicked Wahine Perfume is Hawaii's premier fragrance for the most beautiful and sexy wahines in the Islands and on the Mainland since 1966.
  • This is a perfect scent for the evening - it's a little richer, spicier and well... wicked!
  • A Hawaiian Classic. It's Hawaii's First Perfume

Wicked Wahine Perfume is an exotic and sensuous blend of Floral/ Oriental perfume with top notes of Frangipani and Orange on top of Night Blooming Jasime. The Yang Yang flowers are blended with more Jasime, Rose and hints of Tuberrose to make the heart of the fragrance sexy and unique. The dry down is an unforgettable long lasting blend of Sandalwood, White Musk and Orange Flower.

I bought some Wicked Wahine Perfume for my girl friend and she wore it when we went to the lake that weekend. I found her even more irresistible than usual. What a great weekend.

Wicked Wahine is wonderful. It is a blend of sensual wickedness and subliminal class. Wahine is Wicked and hypnotizing.

This is the AUTHENTIC original Wicked Wahine fragrance first launched in 1968..and has been wildly popular ever since. We sell this in our retail store here on Maui, and frequently have customers asking for it by name. It was briefly discontinued in 1986, but customer-driven demand brought it back for us to enjoy again! Picture yourself on a tropical night in the islands, beside the ocean with palm trees swaying, the moon overhead, toes in the sand........and you'll have the scent of this perfume! A blend of orange flower, romantic rose, exotic night-blooming jasmine, and just the right mix of white musk and sandalwood... soo good it's "wicked"!

A delicious blend of orange flower, rose and night-blooming jasmine predominate over a base of white musk and sandalwood. An enticing mix of known aphrodisiac scents that many customers rave about. Long-lasting perfume-strength three ounce spray bottle.

Alluring and unforgettable...A subtle hint of orange flower, romantic rose and exotic night-blooming jasmine blended with white musk and sandalwood...An enticing and alluring combination for the unforgettable woman. Timeless and inviting, like the moon over a white sandy beach, the original Wicked Wahine fragrance has captivated women around the world since 1968.